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  1. What is “Neutral” Joint Position and Why Is It Important?

    When we talk about a joint being in a “neutral” position, we’re referring to the point in the midrange of the joint where there is…

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  2. What is Good Posture?

    By Patricia Staszak, PT We’ve all been told to stand up straight, throw back our shoulders, hold our head up high. My mother was always…

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  3. Exercise of the Month: Abdominal Prep

    February 2010 This exercise works the trunk flexors, first using the deep stabilizing pelvic floor and abdominal muscles and then the obliques to pull the…

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  4. For Jan. 2010

    New pilates sessions…specials…etc.

  5. Treating Plantar Fasciitis with a Night Splint

    Treating Plantar Fasciitis with a Night Splint The plantar fascia is a ligament full of fibers that runs along the bottom of the foot from…

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