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  1. Joe Yerga, PT

  2. Why Masks Work and The Types of Masks that Offer Protection from the Coronavirus

    By Pat Staszak, PT This is the 3rd article in what turns out to be a series of blog posts about the use and efficacy…

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  3. Simple Steps for Comfortable Cycling in Chicago

    Riding a bike isn’t just good exercise. It’s good for your soul, it’s good for your wallet, and it’s good for the environment. It is…

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  4. Masks Work: Please Wear Them!

    By Pat Staszak, PT Illinois and Chicago are about a month into phase 4 of the reopening plan. We currently have one of the lower…

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  5. Erin Lenihan, PT, DPT

  6. Safe Cycling on the Chicago Lakefront Path

    Chicago and Illinois have reached phase 4 of the reopening plan, and Mayor Lightfoot has finally opened the Lakefront for exercise.  As a cyclist who…

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  7. PT Tip: 2 Exercises to do Before Running! (VIDEO)

    Repeated Ankle Bend in a Standing Position This is a mobility exercise. The goal is to make sure we move our ankle joint through its…

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  8. Sitting and Standing without Pain

    Last month Pat Staszak, PT, PYT participated in The Edgewater Essentials Virtual Convention.  We are sharing our video that teaches you how to keep your body healthy…

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  9. How To Use Props To Create a Versatile Home Gym

    By Megan Sinwell, DPT and Pat Staszak, PT As the world has shifted in the last three months, many of us have had to change…

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  10. Hypermobility/EDS/POTS