Shorten Rehabilitation Time and Improve Outcomes

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

What is Blood Flow Restriction Therapy and how does it work?

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR) uses specialized inflatable cuffs to create external pressure over the arms and/or legs while performing rehabilitation exercises. The applied pressure allows for arterial inflow while reducing venous outflow to the extremity. Inflatable cuffs are placed at the upper portion of the patient’s arms and/or legs while performing exercises. Performing high repetitions with light weights of a particular exercise while wearing these inflated cuffs allows the patient to receive the benefits of heavy lifting without the unnecessary and potentially dangerous stress to tissues that may be healing from a recent injury or surgery.

Why Choose Blood Flow Restriction Therapy?

BFR has been shown to shorten rehabilitation time and improve outcomes. It is especially beneficial for those who are not able to tolerate aggressive strengthening exercises because of their injury or other health problems.

Who can Benefit from Blood Flow Restriction Therapy?

  • Patients recovering from orthopedic injuries such as fractures and muscle strains.
  • Patient recovering from surgeries such as joint replacements, rotator cuff repairs and Achilles tendon repair.
  • Patients who cannot tolerate the aggressive heart rate response that is often necessary for strengthening  post-concussion syndrome, hypermobility.
  • Athletes who are interested in boosting their workouts.

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