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Pilates for Rehabilitation

A growing body of research supports the use of Pilates in rehabilitation. The research shows improvements in posture, balance, muscular control, and endurance in a wide range of populations. Due to its unique focus on core stabilizing muscles, regular practice of Pilates has also been shown by research to improve low back pain and urinary incontinence.

How is Pilates for rehabilitation different from Pilates class?

Your Pilates instruction will be customized for you and will likely involve modifications, props, and adjustments to ensure that each exercise is done correctly and safely. We carefully choose exercises to help you address your weaknesses. We use equipment like the Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair, CoreAlign, Arc Barrel, and Rotating Disks to create a variety of novel exercises to simulate the challenges that your body faces in everyday life.

Your physical therapist will coach you to towards optimal movement patterns to improve real-life function, and, with practice, your body will get better at adapting to stressors.

We will work with your Pilates teacher to keep you strong and healthy.

When your therapy goals are met and you are ready to return to or start a Pilates class, we will help you find a class that fits your health and wellness goals. And we are happy to communicate with your instructor so they can build on what you have gained in physical therapy and further increase your fitness and well-being. See our community partners page to find our favorite local Pilates studios.

Start moving again

The therapists at Andersonville Physical Therapy are trained to incorporate Pilates into your treatment plan. When used as one of many techniques (or modalities) to assess, treat pain and enhance rehabilitation, Pilates instruction can be billed to your insurance.

If you already have a doctor’s referral for physical therapy, schedule an appointment or call our Chicago office at (773) 907-3599 during regular business hours.