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McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method, or Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), is a system of evaluation, treatment and prevention for neck, back and joint pain, as well as radiating pain down the arms or legs, muscle spasms, weakness, tingling or numbness.

So how does McKenzie Method work?

It is an evaluation and treatment technique used to identify the mechanical force causing pain or symptoms and improve these symptoms by using directional preference motions and exercises. Directional preference means that moving the body in one specific direction may cause or worsen pain, while moving the body in a different direction may improve or resolve pain. Through an individualized evaluation, we will identify the correct direction and use it to reduce and resolve pain and symptoms.

The McKenzie Method is more “hands-off” on the therapist’s part, thus encouraging active patient involvement throughout the day, not just during clinic visits. For many patients, progress can result in significant changes within the first few visits. For more information on the McKenzie Method, visit the Mckenzie Institute website.

Start moving again

Andersonville Physical Therapy’s Stephanie Gendron is one of only a few McKenzie-credentialed practitioners on the north side of Chicago. She has been using the McKenzie Method since learning it as a student in 2006 and became credentialed in 2013. Stephanie will be happy to evaluate you to assess whether the McKenzie Method is right for your injury or condition.

If you have a doctor’s referral, call us at 773-907-3599 to schedule an appointment and mention that you are interested in learning more about the McKenzie Method and working with Stephanie Gendron.