Harness the Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga to Maximize Your Healing

Yoga Rehabilitation

Yoga has long been considered therapeutic for a variety of conditions, and research has demonstrated significant benefits of yoga practice in alleviating chronic low-back pain, depression, anxiety, stress, and issues with pregnancy.

Yoga also promotes mind-body connectedness, heightened body awareness, feelings of control, and a healthy nervous system.

Certified yoga practitioners

As a licensed yoga practitioner, your physical therapist may use a number of yoga techniques to enhance your rehabilitation. Pranayama (breathing) is utilized for relaxation and to improve the health of your nervous system, and Asana (poses) increases strength, stability, and efficiency of movement patterns.

Your physical therapy program and home exercises will be chosen based upon findings from our thorough and ongoing assessment and your preferences and lifestyle concerns. The yoga techniques we recommend will likely involve modifications, props, and adjustments to ensure that they work for you.

We are passionate about yoga, even for those who are not injured

If you don’t have an injury that requires physical therapy, you can still benefit from connecting with one of our therapists to help you find a yoga practice that fits you. For more information about yoga therapy as part of our physical therapy or wellness sessions, contact Pat Staszak, PT, PYT at (773) 907-3599, or email us at contact@andersonvillept.com.

We will work with your yoga teacher to keep you strong and healthy

When your therapy goals are met and you are ready to transition to a yoga class, we will help you find a yoga class that fits your health and wellness goals. And we are happy to communicate with your instructor so they can build on what you have gained in physical therapy and further increase your fitness and well-being.

Start moving again

If you have a doctor’s referral, schedule an appointment at (773) 907-3599 or complete our appointment form and mention that you are interested in working with a physical therapist who is licensed yoga practitioner. When used as one of many techniques (or modalities) to assess, treat pain and enhance rehabilitation, yoga instruction can be billed to your insurance.