Don’t Just Recuperate — Move Your Body Better

Physical Therapy After Surgery

Andersonville Physical Therapy offers individualized rehabilitation programs for all orthopedic post-surgical procedures. Frequently treated procedures include, but are not limited to, total knee, hip and shoulder replacements; rotator cuff repairs; hip and knee surgeries; post-fracture rehabilitation; spinal surgeries, and tendon repairs.

Our therapists work to achieve the fastest possible recovery while protecting the surgical repair and your safety. Manual therapy is utilized to minimize the effects of post-surgical pain and swelling and to restore joint mobility and muscle function. We’ll regularly communicate with your surgeon and follow their surgical protocols.

We have a passion for helping you return to the activities you love

During your rehabilitation, we’ll also work to restore your muscle balance, alignment, and normal movement patterns. Your successful return to your favorite sport or hobby is the ultimate goal following any surgical intervention.

Using functional exercises and a variety of movements, we’ll provide guidance for strength, endurance, and sport-specific training as we progress your rehabilitation.

Prepare for your surgery with prehab

“Prehab” is a common name for preoperative physical therapy. If you have a surgery scheduled, it can be helpful to learn in advance what you can do to build strength and ease the process of rehabilitation. In addition to being a practical opportunity to prepare for your surgery, research has found that prehab often reduces the amount of treatment required to attain optimal function after surgery.

Go above and beyond the point of recovery

Andersonville Physical Therapy is here to help you move on to better things after surgery. Schedule your first by appointment by calling our Chicago office at (773) 907-3599 during regular business hours or use our appointment form. We are conveniently located on Chicago’s north side near Edgewater, Uptown, Rogers Park and Lincoln Square.

How to Speed up Your Recover Before you Begin Physical Therapy

Want to accelerate your recovery? We’ve created a FREE guide for those who want to take charge of their own rehabilitation. Even if you haven’t decided on a physical therapist office, download Speed Up Your Recovery Before You Begin Physical Therapy and get expert advice on what you can do before you show up for your first appointment.