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  1. Pelvic Floor Health is For Everyone – it’s Not Just About Kegels

    Pelvic floor conditions are rarely discussed openly in our society, which can leave many patients who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction feeling alone dealing with…

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  3. The “Swiss Cheese” Approach to Managing the Coronavirus

    Written by Pay Staszak We are heading into the cold and dark of winter with the virus surging across the county. All of us need…

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  4. Gyms & Yoga Studios that Offer Virtual Classes (Andersonville + Edgewater)

    Winter is setting in and we may be in for a rough time with the recent coronavirus surge.  It is more important than ever to…

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  5. Mothers’ congrats on your new baby! Exploring The Fourth Trimester and Physical Therapy!

    Do not worry if you are a new mom or pregnant woman reading this title. Your pregnancy will end after the third trimester and you…

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  6. Reducing Opioid Use With Early Physical Therapy

    New studies find patient education combined with physical therapy results in decreases in healthcare costs and opioid dependence. National surveys have found that chronic pain—defined…

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  7. Preventing Text Neck

    Look around these days, and you’ll find people, young and old, mesmerized by smartphones and computer screens. It seems that everyone is spending time looking…

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  8. Avoid Back and Neck Pain While Working From Home with Comfortable Ergonomic Positioning

    By Patricia Staszak, PT With so many of us settled into working or schooling at home, we thought it would be a good idea to…

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  9. Joe Yerga, PT

  10. Why Masks Work and The Types of Masks that Offer Protection from the Coronavirus

    By Pat Staszak, PT This is the 3rd article in what turns out to be a series of blog posts about the use and efficacy…

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