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  1. Zoe Blomquist, PT, DPT

  2. Cassidy Mangan, PT, DPT

  3. Getting Ahead of Shoulder Pain: Subacromial Pain Syndrome

    Shoulder pain is one of the most common conditions that we see at Andersonville Physical Therapy. While pain in our shoulders can be very limiting…

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  4. Erin McNulty, PT, DPT

  5. Movement As Medicine: The Importance of Sleep

    Many of us don’t get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep regularly. The importance or regular, adequate, and quality sleep cannot be emphasized enough. Not…

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  6. Do You Have Foot Pain? Tips for Finding the Right Shoe for You

    By Pat Staszak, PT As city dwellers our feet play a central role in transporting us where we want to go. When we’re looking to…

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  7. How Andersonville Physical Therapy Can Help Your Foot Pain

    At Andersonville Physical Therapy, our physical therapists treat patients with foot and ankle pain and functional deficits all the time. We’ll help you put your…

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  8. Jill Sullivan, PT, Cert. MDT

  9. Foot and Ankle Pain

  10. How Physical Therapy Can Help Relieve Knee and Hip Pain

    Whether it’s from a recent injury, a chronic condition, or just the effects of aging, millions of Americans have to deal with knee and hip…

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