The Best Investment You Can Make is in Your Health


You don’t have to stop checking in with your PT just because you have “graduated” from physical therapy. Your physical therapist can help you maintain the progress you have made and get closer to your fitness goals with Wellness sessions.

Wellness sessions at APT are a proactive way to reduce your risk of injury and improve your health. Think of it as individualized personal training with a licensed physical therapist who knows you, your goals, and your body’s strengths and weaknesses. Wellness treatments can be used for a variety of reasons:

  • To review exercises and ensure good form
  • To create a personalized home or gym program, yoga practice or Pilates routine
  • To manage aches and pains that do not require physical therapy treatment
  • For relaxation training and stress reduction
  • To progress strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular fitness
  • For individualized yoga or Pilates sessions
  • For ongoing assessment and monitoring of any areas that are prone to injury

We will work with your personal trainer to keep you strong and healthy

With your permission, we are happy to communicate with the instructor or trainer of your choice so they learn your unique needs and continue to improve your fitness and well-being. You can find local fitness professionals and facilities we love on our community partners page.

Make wellness your top priority

Wellness sessions do not require a referral from a doctor. They are not physical therapy, so we will not use manual therapy. Wellness sessions cost $90 per 45-minute visit and are not covered by insurance.

Schedule your wellness session by calling our Chicago office at (773) 907-3599 during regular business hours or use our appointment form. Be sure to mention that you are interested in scheduling a wellness session with one of our physical therapists who work in this area: Patricia Staszak, PT, PYT or Annika Michaels, PT, DPT.