Today’s sedentary lifestyle can lend us to a reduced spinal mobility.  If this happens, the lumbar spine, pelvis, shoulders and surrounding muscles all have to compensate to allow you to move how you want to move.  Or, if they don’t compensate you may have shoulder, neck or low back pain! In the exercise below, Eric is going to show you an excellent way to isolate thoracic rotation for those who need to improve their spinal motion.  

Thoracic Rotation against the Wall

Starting Position –  Begin in tall kneeling position with tall leg up against wall. Ankle/foot, knee and hip should all be against wall. Gently press hip into wall and place arm against wall. Opposite knee is lined up under the hip.  Pelvis, hips and spine in neutral.

To begin – Keeping torso as close to the wall as possible, slide arm up and over back shoulder until arm makes full half circle. Then squeeze shoulder blades together and lift back arm off and away from wall, focusing on rotating through thoracic spine or mid-back. Hold for one breath, relax. Repeat three times.  Stay tall and vertical through exercises. Repeat on the other side. 

Tip – Maintain neutral in the areas of your body that are not moving. Keep muscles in neck and shoulders, jaw, buttock and toes relaxed.