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Getting the Spring Back in Your Step!

The Chicago winter snuck up on us this year sending a full blast of cold weather and tons of snow our way this February!  The weather interfered with our outdoor…

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Pelvic Floor Health – Exercises to Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

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Pelvic Floor Health is For Everyone – it’s Not Just About Kegels

Pelvic floor conditions are rarely discussed openly in our society, which can leave many patients who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction feeling alone dealing with their symptoms.  Searching the internet…

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The “Swiss Cheese” Approach to Managing the Coronavirus

Written by Pay Staszak We are heading into the cold and dark of winter with the virus surging across the county. All of us need to continue following coronavirus safety…

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Is social distancing causing you pain? Don’t wait to start your rehab – stay at home and feel better with Virtual Physical Therapy!

The coronavirus disease is affecting all aspects of our lives – the shelter in place order in Illinois is increasing our physical distance from others, but it may also be…

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Preventative COVID-19 Plans at Andersonville Physical Therapy

To our patients and community. Like you, Andersonville Physical Therapy has been taking proactive measures to address this concerning health situation. The health and well being of our staff, community…

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