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VIDEO: How to Perform an Effective Abdominal Crunch

Lately our abdominal and other deep core muscles have gotten a lot of press in the rehab and fitness world. But did you know that we have several layers of…

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How to Safely Walk on Ice: Pretend your a Penguin!

So stay alert and mindful while you are walking outside.  If you do see ice, think like a penguin to keep yourself from falling!

Your Body is Your Best Teacher: Using Intrinsic Feedback to Move Better

At Andersonville Physical Therapy, one of our key treatment goals is to provide understandable feedback specific to our patients’ individual needs. We assess injuries and pain, but also lifestyles, habits,…

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What Illinois’ New Direct Access Law Means For You

On August 16, Governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill into law that allows physical therapists to evaluate and treat patients independently without them having to obtain a referral from a…

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Cobra—Gaining Strength from the Inside Out

Effective exercise programs and results-oriented physical therapy are rooted in functional movement—the real-world biomechanics that allow you to move your body with proper muscle and joint function for effortless, pain-free…

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Take a Deep Breath: Breathing for Activity and Relaxation

Most of us don’t pay much attention to how we are breathing—after all, it’s just something we can do unconsciously as we move through the world. But with a little…

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Whole Body Neutral: Shoulder and Scapula Alignment

This month, we are continuing our series on Whole Body Neutral with a look at neutral shoulder and scapula position. You will want to keep this alignment in mind when…

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Help yourself heal. Find your whole body neutral alignment.

by Patricia Staszak, PT, PYT When it comes to the day-to-day function of our bodies, it’s often the little things that matter most. That’s why at Andersonville Physical Therapy, we…

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How APT is Using Technology to Improve Your Patient Experience

If you have been to the clinic lately, you may have noticed that we now use tablets to collect outcome measures. This allows us to efficiently record your baseline at…

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Pain is Not the Enemy

by Catherine Lewan, PT, DPT, CYT, CPI As a therapist who treats people in pain, I’ve witnessed many who consider pain to be “the enemy.” But the road to recovery…

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