At Andersonville Physical Therapy, we are passionate about helping our patients take charge of their own rehabilitation. Below are some helpful strategies to speed up your recovery from an injury–even before you begin physical therapy.

  • Be mindful of your movements: Use your powers of perception to gain an awareness of how different movements and activities improve or worsen your symptoms. Take note of anything that seems to influence your condition, such as the time of day, the way you sit, the food you eat, environmental triggers or stress. 
  • Keep moving: There are very few conditions that require complete bed rest to heal, and, for many, not moving can actually make your symptoms worse. If possible, keep moving in gentle ways, and modify any movements that aggravate your pain. Make note of patterns, so you can talk to your physical therapist about what improves or worsens your pain. If you have any reason to suspect a fracture, or if you have unrelenting pain that persists even when you lie down and rest, contact your doctor immediately. 
  • Clean up your diet: Researchers have found that certain foods can help control inflammation, which can in turn help you manage your symptoms. An anti-inflammatory diet emphasizes  fruits, vegetables and healthy fats, while minimizing refined sugar and other processed foods. 
  • Reduce stress: Studies have shown that meditation lowers stress hormones, which can help to improve immune function and decrease inflammation and pain. Find time each day when you can focus on relaxed breathing, or take a quiet walk outside. In addition, make sure you are getting enough sleep and gentle exercise, and work on nurturing healthy relationships so that you have the emotional support you need to heal. 
  • Check Your Benefits: In the state of Illinois a referral from a physician is no longer needed to be treated by a physical therapist, but your insurance company may require one for you to be covered.  Before seeking treatment call your insurance company to find out if they require a referral for physical therapy, and check your physical therapy benefits to determine your cost of care. 
  • Talk to your doctor: Open communication with your primary care provider helps them know you better and keep you healthier. If you are unsure if physical therapy is a good first step, talk it over with your doctor.  With their expertise, they will evaluate your symptoms and counsel you if further testing is necessary before pursuing physical therapy.  Providers are generally very supportive of physical therapy, as it provides a low-risk, cost-effective means of treating your symptoms and preventing further dysfunction.

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