When it comes to the day-to-day function of our bodies, it’s often the little things that matter most. That’s why at Andersonville Physical Therapy, we place so much emphasis on proper alignment. Luckily, the fitness world seems to be catching up to what physical therapists have known for years: that the heart of any effective exercise (and even everyday movements!) is a neutral alignment that will avoid putting any undue stress on our joints and ligaments while we work to strengthen our muscles.

Click here to download the complete Neutral Body Alignment infographic. 

Find Your Best Neutral Alignment















Lengthen the crown of your head to the sky, gaze forward on a focal point at eye level. Untuck pelvis.

Ground. Center your feet and feel where they connect with the earth.

Relax any tense muscles; jaw, shoulders, buttocks and toes.

Engage your deep muscles. Gently pull in and up at your low belly, so  your tailbone is untucked.

Center your body along an imaginary plumb line running from the center of your head to the middle of your feet.

Neutral Alignment in Motion

  • While moving from one position to the next keep your head and chest up and lengthened to the sky with your gaze fixed on your focal point.
  • Maintain neutral alignment in all joints that are not actively involved in the movement.
  • Slow down to increase your control.