Most of us go for annual check ups with our primary care doctors and our dentists for preventative care, but when it comes to our bodies we often wait until something is broken.  

Physical therapists specialize in the examination and treatment of the musculoskeletal system which consists of the bones, joints, muscles and connective tissues that help us move and perform the activities we enjoy with ease.  Being proactive and seeking the guidance of a physical therapist before an injury occurs can help you stay more physically active and possibly prevent painful conditions from impacting your quality of life.

During your physical therapy check-up we will capture an overall picture of your musculoskeletal health that can be compared from year to year.  We will check your posture, joint motion, balance, muscle flexibility, and ability to perform common movement patterns. We will identify problems within the system which may be contributing to pain or poor movement quality and/or function before they become significant problems or lead to degenerative changes that impact your quality of life.

Schedule your appointment in the same month every year to make this injury-saving consultation part of your annual routine.  Or it might also be a good time for a check up if you are trying to start back into a fitness program, returning to a sport such as golf, tennis, hiking, biking or running, or you are experiencing pain or movement difficulties during your daily routine.

To celebrate our 20th Anniversary we are offering free Physical Therapy Check Ups during the month of March!

Call us at (773) 907-3599 to schedule your free 45 minute Physical Therapy check up.

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