One of the best things about being a locally owned business in Edgewater is the relationships we build with other professionals and business owners in the neighborhood. The exercise we are reviewing this month came up recently while I was working out with Paul Rogus at Orange Shoe Fitness, and then again while in a meeting with my colleague Catherine Lewan, PT.  It seemed like a sign that we should review it this month in the newsletter! Check out the Standing Gluteus Medius with Ball Exercise below. It is an excellent functional hip strengthener and one of our go to exercises when we transition from lying to standing hip strengthening.

Standing Gluteus Medius With Ball

Hip strengthening is part of the plan of care most of the time when recovering from a spine, hip or lower body injury.  During your rehabilitation the sooner we can progress you to functional exercises the better, and the Standing Glut Med is often the bridge to more difficult standing exercises.  Standing against the wall and pushing the outside of your thigh into the wall gives you feedback to help find the correct form.

When we do this exercise correctly we feel a good “butt burn” on the outside of the hip of the standing leg.  Which is fantastic because when we walk or run the gluteus medius on the standing leg works hard to hold the pelvis in neutral with every step we take!

Exercise Cueing

Start Position: Begin standing in neutral plumb line alignment with one hip close to wall.  Then lift the leg closest to the wall so that your hip is at a 65- 90 degree angle and pressing into a soft ball.

To Begin:  On the standing leg, engage your outer gluteals to abduct your hip and elevate the opposite side of your pelvis as shown in the video. The ball will travel up the wall as the pelvis elevates. Hold for 3-5  seconds

Return: To start position

Repeat on the other leg.

Tip – To find and maintain neutral plumb line alignment during the exercise:

  • Visualize lengthening the top of your head to the sky.

  • Ground your feet into the earth.

  • Relax any tight muscles which may be pulling you out of neutral.

  • Engage deep abdominals muscles by gently pull in and up at low belly.

  • Find your center.

    Good luck on your journey to stronger hips!