If you have been to the clinic lately, you may have noticed that we now use tablets to collect outcome measures. This allows us to efficiently record your baseline at initial evaluation and track your condition as you progress through physical therapy. Outcome tracking gives us valuable feedback about your improvements and helps us make sure that we are continually offering the highest quality of care.

This month, we are also launching secure messaging service called Klara. Klara is a HIPAA-compliant medical messaging platform that allows us to communicate with you in one simple application, right from your computer or smartphone. You can access Klara by visiting our website (www.andersonvillept.com) and clicking the “Message us” icon on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. From there, simply enter your cell phone number, and you can start messaging our team.

You can use Klara to message our front desk team with questions about scheduling or insurance, or you can reach out to your physical therapist with any questions about your treatment plan. Additionally, we will now be using Klara to send all patients your appointment reminders–straight to your cell phone via text message. We are excited to utilize this technology to streamline communication and improve your patient care experience!